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Makeup brush Differentiation

Published Time:Saturday on Oct 09 2021 13:20:13 Source:未知 Read:

Not like mechanical standard parts, makeup brush is manual and handmade. Human does not like machine which can be set during process to get the same products. For mechanical standard parts, the same batch will have the same quality, but makeup brush will more or less be different due to the human factors during makeup brush production.

It is easy for a makeup brush manufacturer to create one perfect makeup brush; But it is impossible to get totally the same brushes even in the same batch. In fact, during makeup brush production, there is no so called the same batch, each makeup brush may have some differences. Even if we have the same material with the same size, there will be some slight or invisible differences on colors, shape, plating, painting etc. Also, the brushes are manufactured maybe by tens or hundreds of workers, and each worker may produce slightly different makeup brushes. Although it is slight and invisible, the difference really exists.

If customers send us physical brush samples to copy, we cannot promise 100% exact copy, just over 95% copy. The same situation between samples and mass production. While producing brush samples, we may use wooden handle with one texture, while for mass production, no exactly the same texture, just very close to the sample texture. It is very normal, after all, no exactly the same tree in the world.

So, if customers want to custom makeup brushes from a makeup brush factory, allow slight and invisible differentiation between samples and mass order, and the differentiation of the same batch. No makeup brush manufacturer can promise 100% exact same; even if they agree, they are giving impossible promise.

Of course, the precondition is such differentiation is very slight and invisible. If the brush difference on size or color or shape is visible, that is quality problem. Our QC department will control the quality during our QC process.

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