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Production instruction of makeup brush manufacturers

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If you are a makeup brush manufacturer, besides market explore, you should pay much attention on other things, such as manufacturing and QC etc. For a makeup brush factory, production and quality control are sometimes more important than marketing, so it is a must to have mature internal system to arrange makeup brush production and control makeup brush quality.

As a professional makeup brush manufacturer, we have effective and mature system to arrange our makeup brush production. Most departments in our factory are involved in the production instruction to make sure everything is in order.

Once getting the orders, no matter custom makeup brushes or wholesale makeup brushes, our salesmen will firstly release a production instruction to the production department who will then arrange the production accordingly.

The production instruction will include all detailed and exact information, such as the customer’s name, the PO#, makeup brush P/N, order quantity, required delivery date, the size, material and color of the confirmed samples, as well as the detailed packaging and packing requirements etc.

After getting the production instruction, the production department will firstly check the inventory to get known required production quantity; and then require the purchasing department to release orders to raw material suppliers.

Once receiving material from suppliers, QC department will be involved to check if all materials are qualified base on the production instruction. During production and QC process, each process is strictly controlled base on the production instruction.

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