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Factory inspection on makeup brush manufacturer

Published Time:Tuesday on Oct 12 2021 09:55:30 Source:未知 Read:

To know if a makeup brush factory is good, it is not enough just through its website or company introduction. Many customers will do factory inspection on the makeup brush manufacturers.

Due to the specialty of makeup brush production, factory inspection is very necessary before orders. As makeup brush is a manual product, customers should check workers’ crafts to ensure the makeup brushes made by these workers are qualified. By factory inspection, customers can further understand the production process and quality control of makeup brushes, as well as the whole factory environment etc. So that they can get clear conclusion and decide if this makeup brush manufacturer is good enough to be a partner. Also, after getting in-depth knowledge on makeup brush production and QC process, customers can better understand the brush quality standard.

If customers would like to custom makeup brushes from a Chinese makeup brush manufacturer, it is better to have a factory inspection before you place a large order from them.

Kingyin, being an experienced makeup brush manufacturer, has passed lots of factory inspection from worldwide customers, including AVON, Disney etc. We have strict and mature management system to control production and quality, and have passed ISO9001, ISO14001, FDA, FSC, SEDEX, BSCI, C-TPAT certifications.

Welcome worldwide customers to visit us and do factory inspection and audit at any time.