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Gloves during makeup brush manufacturing

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If you work in a makeup brush factory, or familiar with makeup brush production and QC process, you will know that gloves are necessities for makeup brush manufacturers. However, not all production process requires gloves, after all, wearing gloves affects hand flexibility.

The workers usually wear gloves during AB gluing and QC process.

AB gluing:

Not like hot melt glue rod, AB glue is liquid and easy to flow out, workers have to dip glue to stick ferrules and handles, and should wear finger gloves during this process. As AB glue is harmful to human skin, wear finger gloves can protect our fingers from the glue, also there may be some bacterial and stain in our hand, wearing finger gloves can prevent polluting makeup brushes. As gluing process requires flexible operation, finger gloves are a great choice, which can not only protect, and at the same time not too much effect on finger flexibility.

QC process

The inspectors should wear gloves during QC process, especially for makeup brushes with copper ferrule. As copper ferrule is easier to be oxidized than aluminum ferrule. If any sweat or moisture on inspectors’ hands, there may cause oxide spots on ferrules. Since QC just inspect the whole brush quality, no flexible operation requirements, cotton gloves can maximize protect makeup brushes from sweat, moisture and dirt.

The makeup brush manufacturer should not only ensure product quality but also ensure staff safety, Make adequate protection during production process is essential, and should be a standard company regulation and working process.

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