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Makeup Brush Sample management

Published Time:Friday on Oct 15 2021 08:38:37 Source:未知 Read:

 As a makeup brush manufacturer, we have various orders to custom makeup brushes; each order has different requirements on dimension, color, outline and material etc, so sample management is very necessary for all makeup brush manufacturers.

During quotation, we will communicate with customers about their requirements, and will send them samples for confirmation. After confirmation, we will keep the confirmed samples in our sample shelf, and manufacture and inspect the makeup brush order according to the confirmed samples. We will also require customers to reserve the samples in case of any future possible conflict.

If a customer orders various kinds of makeup brushes from us, we will separately create a sample book for the customer, which will ensure easier traceability.
If customer prefer any change on the samples in future, we will reconfirm the samples and also update the sample on the shelf.

The confirmed samples will be packed into a transparent OPP bag which make the inside makeup brushes visible. A label on each OPP bag to indicate the customer’s name, confirmation date, batch number, order number etc., so that we can distinguish customers’ different requirements on each batch.

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