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Why Chinese makeup brush manufacturers do not accept L/C?

Published Time:Tuesday on Aug 10 2021 11:37:56 Source:未知 Read:

Customers wonder why most Chinese makeup brush manufacturers refuse L/C payment terms. Per their understanding, L/C at sight is benefit for both of makeup brush suppliers and the customers.

That is because most makeup brush factories are not big enough to afford the risks and works of L/C payment. Makeup brush production is a manual work, no need of high-technology or advanced equipment and facilities, we put most of our efforts on marketing, production and quality control etc, and have not too much energy or experience to control the payment risks. So, we usually accept payment via wire transfer which is simpler and quicker.

While L/C payment even L/C at sight, it contains a certain risk, and the process of L/C is too complex for many Chinese makeup brush manufacturers. It requires professional staff to evaluate all L/C documents terms by terms, and once a term does not match, the factory may not be able to get the payment. Also, the fee of L/C is too high, which relatively decreases the margin of the makeup brush factory. If handle L/C via the import and export companies, the cost will be higher.

We know that customers have their own regulations on payment terms, while it is the situation that most Chinese makeup brush factories will not accept L/C payment terms. If customers would like to get factory direct price, L/C payment may not feasible. If many customers go to the traders who can accept L/C payment, the makeup brush price will be much higher.

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