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Brush samples before production

Published Time:Saturday on Jul 31 2021 10:04:16 Source:未知 Read:

If you would like to custom makeup brushes, you must have clear ideas on the design, color, size, material etc in your mind, and certainly you will express such ideas to your makeup brush factory, while sometimes verbal description does have misunderstanding, so you may not be able to get the exact brushes you want! To avoid such situation, you must require sample confirmation first from the factory. That is, the factory should firstly make some samples according to your detailed requirements during communication, and only after getting your confirmation, the factory can do the mass production. If you have placed orders to the factory, they usually will not charge sample fees; while if no orders, they will charge some sample fees, as making samples is more difficult and expensive than mass production, so usually they will not make samples for you free if having no orders. But please remember to require them to refund such fee back to you if you place orders to them.
That is, for custom makeup brushes, since customer really has no real sample in hand, it is the makeup brush factory or supplier who should offer samples for confirmation.

While if you have taken a fancy to a certain type of brushes, and would like to get exact copy from the makeup brush manufacturer, it will be the best if you can send samples to the manufacturer. For example, if you like a Sigma brush very much and would like to buy the same brush just with different logo directly from the manufacturer at much lower price, you should firstly buy/source the brush from sigma and then send the brush to the manufacturer for exact copy. Of course, you may have many pictures for the brushes, but pictures cannot represent real object, so it will save a lot of time if you can offer real samples, otherwise, the manufacturer have to make samples first and then send to you for confirmation, that will waste a lot of time!

That is, for private label existing makeup brushes, to save time and money, it is the customers who should offer samples to manufacturer.

In a word, no matter custom makeup brushes or existing brushes, samples are essential before mass production.