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How to dry makeup brushes?

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It is important to properly dry your makeup brushes after cleaning. Otherwise, you may damage the bristles or allow bacteria grow. With proper dry, you can extend the life of your brushes to the most use out of them.

1.After washing  brushes, use your hand to gently squeeze out excess water.

2.Place makeup brushes  on a clean, dry bath towel, or a dry paper towel , A larger bath towel may work best, which can absorb a lot of water and is big enough to hold all  brushes.

3.fold the towel over the brush top, and press gently to remove even more water. Do this for five or six seconds with each brush, so that the towel absorbs some of the water from the bristles.

4.Reshape the damp brushes to restore and preserve their shape

5.Hang them upside down from a makeup brush drying rack or  a clothes hanger. This allows water to evaporate naturally and dry faster, since air circulates on all sides. Faster drying prevents bacteria and mildew from growing, and preserves the glue that holds the brush together. Hanging makeup brushes upside down also preserves the shape, without flattening the brushes.

6.Place the makeup drying rack or  clothes hanger in a cool, well-ventilated area (like near an open window) but out of direct sunlight.

7.Allow your brushes to dry completely before use. For thick, dense bristles, this can take several hours or overnight.


How to Dry Makeup Brushes in a Hurry

If you don’t have time to gently hang your brushes dry, you can occasionally use a hair dryer to save time. The following is how to blow dry makeup brushes:

1.Use the coolest air and lowest speed.

2.Don’t aim the blow dryer down the center of the brushes, splaying out the fibers. Instead, hanging or holding the brush upside down, blow the air gently down the brush from the handle to the tip.

3.Rotate the blow dryer around the outside of the brush bristles, not allowing heat to build up in any one area.

4.Pause often to reshape the brush and allow it to cool down.

5.Keep going until the brush is completely dry.