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Why Not Blow Dry Makeup Brushes?

Published Time:Wednesday on Nov 17 2021 11:02:11 Source:未知 Read:

One of the most common mistake people make with their makeup brush is  drying process.

You may realize that you need to clean makeup brushes, but when you do clean them, how do you dry them? Will you use a blow dryer to dry makeup brushes? We know that it can be a chore to wait for your brushes to dry, but do not use a blow dryer on the makeup brushes, no matter they are natural or synthetic makeup brushes.

The reasons are as following:

Damages the fibers

Even if your makeup brushes are with synthetic hairs, the bristles are as delicate as your own hair, and can be damaged, over dried, and even develop split ends.

Incidental styling
If you blow dry your brushes, you can basically end up heat-styling them, which damages their shape. Makeup brushes are designed with specific applications, so preserving their shape is an important part of preserving the brush.

Damages the glue
The glue that holds makeup brushes together can degrade or be damaged by excessive heat, just like any other glue.

In other words, not only should you not blow dry makeup brushes, but you should protect them from extreme heat in general, and not store them in sunlight, near heating vents, or in a hot vehicle.