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Order makeup brushes for 2022 First Quarter

Published Time:Monday on Nov 15 2021 10:26:33 Source:未知 Read:

Christmas season is on the way, Chinese New Year is not far away.This year, February 1st is the Chinese New Year day.If customers have any order plan from China for 2022 first quarter, it is the time to contact Chinese makeup brush manufacturers to discuss details.

Firstly, due to Covid-19 and government power use curb, most makeup brush factories’ capacity will be affected for at least two months ( One month before and one month after the Holiday). The current orders cannot meet full production capacity, while the daily cost is fixed, many material suppliers are actually running at a loss. Therefore,they will stop production and enjoy the holiday earlier than before. And after Chinese new year holiday, some material suppliers may still delay the date to be back to work if the situation does not become any better.

Secondly,besides longer material lead time, the makeup brush production time will also be longer than normal, since most Chinese makeup brush manufacturers will have almost one month holiday, the whole lead time of makeup brushes will be about 2-3 months during the holiday.

Thirdly, the worldwide ports congestion and shipping price soars will cause the delay on shipping period. Before, it may need 30 days for ocean shipment, now it may need 60 days or more. At the same time, the shipping charge keep increasing every day, no matter for air shipment or sea shipment, which will delay customers’ final decision on shipping ways.

Therefore, the whole period for customers from placing orders to receiving brushes will be about 4-5 months. If any launch plan in first quarter of 2022, it is really time to finalize everything and place orders, so that makeup brush factories can have enough time to produce qualified makeup brushes.

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