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More or Less Clause of makeup brush shipment

Published Time:Wednesday on Aug 25 2021 09:36:00 Source:未知 Read:

For large order quantity, customers should understand that there will be More or Less on the shipping quantity.

Sometimes, customers order 50000 set makeup brushes from the makeup brush manufacturer, but the actual shipping quantity may be 500010 sets or 49990 sets.
It is normal for makeup brush industry. Due to the service to custom makeup brushes OEM, each customer has different requirement on the brush size and material, there is no standard package for makeup brushes, and even the outside carton size is the same, the inner package is different. Some may have inner carton, while some only have OPP bags.

Usually, the makeup brush manufacturers have two ways to count the shipping quantity. One way is the workers firstly put the same quantity into inner carton, and then count the quantity by the quantity of inner cartons. For example, each inner package has 100pcs brushes and there are 10 packages, then the quantity is 1000pcs. However, the quantity is counted by human beings not machine, so maybe there are 101pcs or 99pcs in one package, so the total quantity may more or less than 1000pcs.

Another method is weighing unit weight of each brush, and then weigh the total brushes to get the quantity. For example, each foundation brush net weight is 40g, 100pcs in each carton, so each carton net weight is 4kg, gross weight is 4.5kg. Then the workers put brushes into the carton till the weight reaches 4.5kg, the quantity should also be 100pcs. Although it is done by Digital scale, there still will be tolerance, as each brush weight is 100% the same, some may be 39.5g, some may be 40.5g, so the quantity in each carton may not be the same.

Generally, we will put several spare parts in each carton in case of such tolereance, so the exact shipping quantity is usually more than the order quantity. Anyway, we are not able to promise that it is always the case.

If after carefully counting, you still find that the shipping quantity is less than order quantity, please immediately contact us via email or phone; we will send the less quantity to you via express or in next shipment.