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If order quantity cannot reach MOQ

Published Time:Thursday on Jul 29 2021 10:34:01 Source:未知 Read:

As a makeup brush manufacturer, we come into contact with various customers, big or small customers, professional or green hand, potential or impossible customers……Some may finally place orders to us, some may not; some may order large quantity, some may just place trial orders; some order quantity can reach our MOQ requirement, while some is far away from the MOQ….

What shall we do if the customer order quantity cannot reach the MOQ? Just give up this customer and order? But we really pay a lot of time and efforts to win the customer; it is really a pity to give up so easily.

If the order quantity is not so far away from the MOQ, we should try our best to do the order. For example, if our MOQ is 1000pcs, but the order quantity is 800pcs or even 600pcs, we should find a way to manufacture for our customers. Especially for the first cooperation, we can understand that customers will not place orders with large quantity since they cannot ensure the quality of the makeup brushes or our service. Therefore, they may place an order with small quantity which in fact is a trial order. Once if they are satisfied with our brushes, large orders may follow. Therefore, as makeup brush manufacturer, we should try best to offer brushes for such customers even their initial order quantity cannot reach our MOQ.

While if the order quantity is too far away from the MOQ, it will be a great loss for us to accept the order. For example, our MOQ is 1000pcs, but customer only orders 100pcs. While we have to order material for 1000pcs which is the MOQ of our material suppliers, so if customers will have no further orders, we should afford such lost by ourselves, it is really unwise to accept such orders.

Of course, some makeup brush manufactures will accept the order but with extremely high price, as they must share the possible lost to each brush, for example the unit price for 1000pcs may be just USD1.0, but for 100pcs, may become USD3.0 or more.

If we can, we will certainly try best to win any order from customers, but as a company, we will not do any business which will cause a loss.

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