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How to negotiate on MOQ

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What is negotiation? According to Wikipedia: negotiation is a process where each party involved in negotiating tries to gain an advantage for themselves by the end of the process. Negotiation is intended to aim at compromise. So, during negotiation, both parties should let the other party know your target and what you need, and then do the negotiation accordingly.

For makeup brushes, the most common topic is MOQ. We have explained our MOQ and why we have MOQ requirements in previous articles. Some customers just disappear after knowing our MOQ or tell us that it is no necessary for further discussion since they cannot meet our MOQ.

In fact, it is really unwise to give up at such early step. Customers must have sent inquiry to many makeup brush manufacturers for one enquiry; they believe it is no necessary for further discussion with those suppliers who cannot offer the best condition at the very beginning. But, without any information on customers or situation, it is hard for any makeup brush factory to offer the best condition or terms at the very beginning. After receiving any inquiry on makeup brushes, we always ask customers about demand quantity, but only get reply like: please just let us know your MOQ.

It will be the best if customers can firstly tell makeup brush manufacturers about their order quantity, then the manufacturer can check if they can do such quantity. Sometimes, as long as the customers have finalized orders, the makeup brush factory will agree to make just 500 sets even if it is more difficult. However, some customers disappear without any further discussion or explanation.

Most makeup brush manufacturers will receive tens inquiries every day, it is impossible to tell all customers that their MOQ can be 500 sets since so small quantity is very hard to handle.

Successful cooperation should be after some negotiation; Negotiation will finally make both parties satisfied. We really hope that customers can give us more chances for further negotiation or discussion if possible.

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