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Custom makeup brushes without handles

Published Time:Tuesday on Jan 18 2022 10:39:36 Source:未知 Read:

As a professional makeup brush manufacturer, we receive various inquiries every day. Although we mostly supply whole makeup brushes, some customers only need brush heads which just include brush hair and ferrules, bottom of ferrules is left open, and customers will assemble handles themselves after getting the brush heads.

To customize makeup brushes without handles, customers should let makeup brush factory know following information:

1.       Hair material and color
2.       Hair length
3.       Ferrule material and color
4.       Ferrule size: length*diameter
5.       the diameter of the handle top which connects the ferrule
6.       Package requirement of the brush head

If customers have specific handle size to connect the heads, they must send the exact handle size to the makeup brush factory; if customers have no specific size requirement on brush heads or ferrules but only need normal size, that is also ok; however, the hair and ferrule material is the essential information, as the hair/ferrule material varies a lot and will greatly affect the price.

If possible, it will be the best if the customers can offer samples to the makeup brush factory, so that the factory can know the exact size and material; if samples are unavailable, the factory should send samples for customers’ confirmation before mass production.

To custom makeup brushes, no matter whole makeup brush or only brush heads, detailed information will certainly help the exact quotation and will expedite the communication and production. Therefore, customers should offer information as detailed as they can if possible.

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