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Crystals on makeup brush handles

Published Time:Monday on May 24 2021 08:49:50 Source:未知 Read:

Makeup brush handle material can be wooden, plastic and metal. Usually, the handle is painted or plated to one or more colors, plus with customers’ logo. But some customers require more decoration on handles, crystals and diamonds is a common choice for such decoration.

Some customers require only 1-5 crystals on the handle, which is easy and will not affect makeup application; and crystal size can be small or a little large depends on customers’ requirements; customers’ logo can also be printed on the handle.

Some customers require the crystals to be in certain shape or letters, for example a flower shape and customers’ logo shape. It will need more crystals, and the crystal size should be smaller, otherwise, it will interfere with applying the makeup.

There are also some customers who require crystals glued all over the handles. In this case, the crystal size must be very tiny, or it will be difficult to use or hold such makeup brushes. Some may ask: if crystals are all over the handles, where to print the customers’ logo? Usually, the logo will be stamped on the ferrule.

If customers want to custom makeup brushes with crystals on handles, besides the normal information such as the brush size/material/color etc, they should also offer the following information to the makeup brush manufacturer: crystal material, crystal size, crystal shape, crystal color, crystal quantity and position on each brush. Also, customers should be aware that although crystal can make the brushes more shinning, the extra cost will be high.

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