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Sigma makeup brushes

Published Time:Tuesday on May 25 2021 09:40:30 Source:未知 Read:

Sigma brushes are originally copied from MAC brushes, most of their professional makeup brushes like powder brushes, blush brushes, eye brushes are exactly the same as MAC brushes.

Although sigma brushes are the copy of MAC brushes at the very beginning, now, sigma has had its own brand style and design.

Not like MAC brushes, sigma brushes have various materials, various colors, and more attractive design. They give different customers more choices on colors and designs. For the same brushes, they may offer Black, Purple, Coral, Aqua, Blue options.

Their Synthetic Precision Kit & Synthetic Kabuki Kit become so hot that other brands begin to copy their design; Their 7pcs brush set & 12pcs brush set has become classic; their brush containers lead a new design trend for makeup brush holders.

Now, MAC is still the leading brand in makeup brush industry, but its high price really stops most users, few people is willing to pay a month salary on a single brush; sigma brushes are cheaper than MAC brushes and have more color choice, so has attracted more and more customers.

Sigma tells us a truth : no own design style at the very beginning is not so horrible, but to survive, we finally should find out and show our customers our own brand and design style.

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