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If not satisfied with makeup brushes

Published Time:Wednesday on May 26 2021 09:24:13 Source:未知 Read:

Before mass production, we send pre-production samples for customers’ confirmation, and after getting sample approval from customers, we start mass production. But some customers change their ideas after confirming the samples or even after getting the mass shipments. They may have new idea on the color/material/packaging on the brushes, and require support from makeup brush manufacturers. Such cases usually happen on small order quantity, for large orders, both customers and makeup brush factories are very cautious to all details which cannot be changed once confirmed.

If the makeup brushes are the same as samples which are confirmed by customers, it is not the responsibility of makeup brush manufacturer even if the customers are not satisfied. However, considering long term cooperation, we always try our best to help customers to resolve any problem.

If customers want any change on the makeup brushes, they should feedback to the makeup brush manufacturer once receive the shipments. As the makeup brush manufacturer may still have some raw material in stock at that time and might find prompt solutions. But if customers feedback after 1 month or even longer, it is really hard for the makeup brush factory to resolve the problem.

Recently, a customer sent us an email to require urgent support. They ordered makeup brushes with private label from us last year, and after getting the shipment, they said they were very satisfied with everything. However, now they said one of their customers was not satisfied with the case color and would like to have 30 replacements. Since it has been more than half a year, it is really hard for us to send any replacements, as the material has been used up; if order new material, we have to order material for 1000pcs at one time, it is really not cost-effective.
We hope that customers can be more careful in sample confirmation and can feedback any question ASAP once getting the shipments.

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