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How to attach hairs to spraying makeup brushes

Published Time:Wednesday on Mar 31 2021 09:15:20 Source:未知 Read:

Besides normal makeup brushes, some users may like another kind of makeup brush which can allow powder to flow through. That means the brush hairs are attached to the powder containers, and the powders can automatically come out through the holes in the hairs bunch, then users can apply the powder onto their faces or bodies.

The process to produce such brushes is also different from normal makeup brushes. The normal brush handle will be replaced by powder container which is usually plastics and is designed by customers. Makeup brush manufacturer needs to attach bristles according to powder container. Here we would like to introduce the process to attach bristles:

1) The makeup brush manufacturer will firstly make a cup-shape mold or so-called air container, then shape bristles in the mold to get expected bristle shape
2) Wrap the shaped bristles with paper, insert into aluminum ferrule and glue/stick bristles together;
3) Extract the bristles from aluminum ferrule after the glue is dried
4) Punch several holes to allow powder to flow through it
5) insert the bristles into powder container, add thinner (banana oil) to dilute the glue on the bristles, then the glue will stick the bristles to the powder container (after adding thinner, the glue will dissolve, thin and spread around, then will come to the joint area with powder container, so the bristles will stick with powder container after the glue is dried), so the bristles to flow powder will be finished.

Therefore, no matter of handle design it will be no problem for makeup brush manufacturer to attach bristles to the handles.

If customers would like makeup brush manufacturer to source the factory for their handle-powder container, it is also ok as long as customers offer detailed design and drawing. We will always try best to meet customers’ every requirement.

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