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Makeup brush hairs in moist weather

Published Time:Tuesday on Mar 30 2021 09:03:56 Source:未知 Read:

Brush hairs will become wet in moist weather, while some makeup brushes should be fluffy for proper application, so it will be the best if there is no rainy day during makeup brush production. However, no one can control the weather, raining is the normal situation during makeup brush production, so the hairs more or less will become wet, then how the makeup brush factory keep the makeup brushes fluffy?

Firstly, during hair production, there is drying process, after drying, the hairs will be packed into dry paper rods and stored in dry warehouse, which can maximumly keep the hairs dry.

Once the hairs enter into brush production lines, the production workshop is also dry and ventilated, even in rainy days, makeup brush manufacturers will do whatever to keep the dry circumstance, for example electric fans.

However, if above drying process is far away from the moist weather, since the hairs will restore to fluffy in dry weather, makeup brush manufacturers have to wait for sunny days to dry hairs, and then pack and ship the makeup brushes once the hairs are dry.

If customers find that the makeup brushes are not so fluffy after unpacking, please just put the brushes in dry circumstance, then the hairs will be fluffy again, just like the brushes after washing.

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