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Makeup brush prototypes

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Sometimes customers need to design special makeup brushes to attract markets and users, while there is great uncertainty on the new design: if it will really work and attract markets as expected. New designs often have unexpected problems. Therefore, a prototype is often used to allow customers to confirm brush performance and consumer interest before mass production.
Some customers make the prototype by themselves, and then send to the makeup brush manufacturers for their double checking; while some may prefer the makeup brush manufacturers to do the makeup brush prototypes for them, they send detailed drawings to the manufacturers and pay for prototypes, after the prototypes being finished, the manufacturers send the prototypes to customers for confirmation. Since prototype is only an early sample or model built to test the design, if customers do not like the prototypes, they can modify the design based on existing prototype.

According to prototyping ways, the makeup brush prototypes can be divided into manual prototypes, SLA/SLS prototypes, CNC prototype s and 3D printing prototypes; according to materials, the prototype can be divided into plastic prototypes, silica gel prototypes and metal prototypes.

For makeup brush, CNC prototyping is the most common way to do the prototype, and the material is usually plastic. Anyway, it depends on customers’ exact requirement. These years, 3D printing prototyping is also become the most popular way to have makeup brush handle prototypes.

If customer have special design on the makeup brushes and would like to make/get prototypes first, please feel free to contact us.

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