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Why makeup brush manufacturers charge sample fee

Published Time:Friday on Apr 02 2021 09:04:47 Source:未知 Read:

Before ordering, customers usually request makeup brush samples from makeup brush manufacturers to check quality or to finalize which brushes are exactly they want. Some customers have no target or ideas, and may require as many samples as they can have. Some even require more than 30 different brush types. However, most of them are scared away after knowing sample fees from the makeup brush manufacturer. They cannot understand why they have to pay sample fees since the makeup brush manufacturers want to establish cooperation with them.

The reason is most makeup brush manufacturers have no brush sample in stock, even if these makeup brushes are listed in their price list. The brushes in the price list are only to show customers they can produce these brushes instead of the stock brushes. For mass orders, the makeup brush factory orders material according to customers’ order quantity, so even if there will be some remaining or inventory, they are spare parts for future checking.

Therefore, if customers request samples, makeup brush manufacturers have to order new material to produce these samples, they have to order different material for hair/ferrule/handle, do different color painting etc for only a few samples, so the cost must be very high.

However, some customers who are just entering into the makeup brush industry do not know this situation; Although we have explained a lot, they just do not believe our sincerity. But we get so many samples request every day, it is impossible to always afford such high cost by ourselves if customers have no finalized order.

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