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How to test makeup brush head thickness

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At the beginning of custom makeup brushes, customers usually send makeup brush samples to makeup brush manufacturers to show their quality level or exact copy.

Here is the question: how customers can ensure if the produced makeup brushes are the same as their samples?

It is easy to check if the color is the same as original brushes; if the logo is the same as original; if handle length/thickness, ferrule length/thickness and hair length…as these can be judged by visual observations. While some cannot be checked via visual. For example, customers can not judge if the hair material is the same as samples, they touch and feel the hairs to check the softness. However, few customers can recognize the exact hair material just through feeling and touching, as softness is not the only one element of hair quality.

Besides the hair material, brush head thickness is also very difficult to evaluate if customers have no professional test instrument. Some customers evaluate the head thickness by hands/eyes which cannot show the exact hair thickness unless the difference is very obvious. Also, some makeup brushes are fluffy while some are dense, if judge by shape, the brushes are the same, but if holding the brushes, the difference is obvious.

Secondly, the hair material will also affect the head thickness. Some customers send us their existing makeup brushes but they do not like their hair material, and require to change to a better hair material without any size change. We produce brush samples exactly according to sample size (same ferrule diameter, same density), but they insist that our brush head is not as thick as their original samples. In fact, that is because our hair material is much better and softer than their samples, better hairs are softer and slimmer than worse even if with the same hair amount, our brushes may not feel so thick.

Personal feeling is not so accurate, no makeup brush manufacturer can produce makeup brushes just according to customers’ personal feeling.

As a professional makeup brush manufacturer, we usually control the brush head thickness by the following:
The dosage of hairs, accurate to 0.1g;
The diameter of the widest part of brush head, accurate to 0.1mm
The diameter of the ferrule that connects the hairs, accurate to 0.1mm

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