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The goat hair original color

Published Time:Tuesday on Apr 06 2021 10:04:57 Source:未知 Read:

During custom makeup brushes, goat hair used on makeup brushes are usually black, so some users believe that the original color of goat hair is black. However, the original goat hair is white; and it is not pure white but with light yellow. Such color seems not so clean, so some makeup brush manufacturers choose to dye the hair to dark color to cover the light yellow, for example, black, red, brown. However, there are some customers who really like white color, then the goat hair needs be bleached to pure white.

In fact, even if the natural goat hair is not in pure color, it is very clean once used on makeup brushes. After being cut from goats, the hair will be sterilized &boiled to kill the virus and bacterial, and then sell to makeup brush factory to manufacturer the makeup brushes. Therefore, even if not so beautiful, it is just as safe as other colors and will not be harm to human skin. That is why some customers prefer natural hair color for their brushes. They believe that without any dyeing, the brushes with natural hair color are better than those brushes that have been dyed to many colors.

Anyway, the hair color really depends on customers’ personal preference, for the makeup brush manufacturers, it makes no difference to have natural color or any dyed color. But if customers require several hair colors on one brush, the price will be higher than just one color.

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