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Label or tag on makeup brush samples

Published Time:Wednesday on Apr 07 2021 10:07:09 Source:未知 Read:

For customers who are new to makeup brush industry and have no idea on brush material or style, they usually require samples with various materials to check which are ok for them. But if makeup brush manufacturers just put all kinds of makeup brushes together in boxes without any explanation or illustration, it will be nonsense to send samples.

To help customers exactly understand the difference between different materials, we should put a label /tag on each brush to specify its material of each part, just like: ZGF goat hair, copper ferrule, wooden handle. In this way, once customers receivesamples, they will know the material difference by viewing and touching. They will know ZGF goat hair is much softer than HJG goat hair, copper ferrule is more shining than aluminum ferrule; and wooden handle is more proper for their application….Then, the following communication will be much easier, if they decide to custom makeup brushes, they will tell makeup brush manufacturers the exact material they need.

Just one thing during labeling, do not directly affix the label with glue or adhesive tape on makeup brushes, otherwise, after being removed, the labels will leave ugly glue remnants on brushes, which may affect customers’ quality evaluation. The makeup brush manufacturer should pack each brush with an OPP bag, and affix the label on the OPP bag, then customers can easily remove the label without leaving any remnants.

Although it will take some time for makeup brush manufacturers to do labels on each brush sample, such time is really worthwhile, and will make following communication smoother and quicker.

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