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When to Replace Makeup brushes

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Regular cleaning and maintenance can help to extend the life of  makeup brush , but it will not last forever. Knowing when to  replace your makeup brushes will protect your skin health and keep your makeup looking amazing.

If you notice any of the following signs, it is the time to replace or change your makeup brushes:

1. Bristles lose their natural fluffy softness:
If your makeup brush begin to feel brittle or scratchy, you need to throw them away.This is especially true for brushes with natural hair bristles.

2. Reduced performance:
If you’re trying to blend your makeup, and a brush that normally works well is blending your makeup in a spotty or patchy way, that’s not a good sign.

3. Shedding
If your brushes start to shed or leave tiny hairs behind on your skin,once the glue holding the bristles starts to loosen, it’s time to toss!

4. Weird smell
If the makeup brush starts to smell a bit funky, get rid of it right away! This is a telltale sign that your applicator is harboring bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other not-so-desirable stuff that can lead to an eye infection, skin irritation, and other problems.

5. Brushes don’t return to their original shape
If makeup brushes still lose their shape after drying them correctly,become irreparably dented or misshapen, time to replace them, they won’t be up to the task!

To extend the use of your brushes, wash them weekly with a makeup brush cleanser and be sure to lay them flat to dry (allowing them to dry standing upright can cause the water to loosen the glue in the head of the brush).

Generally, makeup brushes should be replaced every three months.