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Makeup brush industry lifecycle

Published Time:Wednesday on Oct 27 2021 09:33:11 Source:未知 Read:

Each industry has its lifecycle, makeup brush has no exception. The whole lifecycle of the makeup brush can be divided into the following period:

1.  Development period: during this period, the makeup brush manufacture or factory has no income, and also needs to pay a lot of funds and labor force on product research and development, thus the sales is 0, the profit is Negative

2.   Infant period: During this period, there is a little sale, but very little, while the cost becomes even more than development period, thus the profit is still negative and even lower than development period.

3. Growing period: During this period, the sales increase, and the cost becomes lower, thus, although at the beginning the profit is still negative, it is much better than before; and at the later period, there is some profits.

4. Mature period: During this period, the sales increase significantly, the profit also increases significantly and will reach the profit peak in the whole lifecycle. This period is the target period of all makeup brush manufacturers, as well as all other manufacturers and suppliers in other fields.

5. Decay Period: after the peak, the sales and profit of makeup brushes will decline, the profit will become lower and lower. All companies and manufacturers try best to survive this period through R&D of new makeup brush styles and quality improvement. Then they step into the next lifecycle of new makeup brushes.

The lifecycle of makeup brushes has no big difference with other industries. Every makeup brush manufacturer should keep innovating and seeking better quality, so that they can survive from all difficulties and reach success.

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