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Custom makeup brushes from China

Published Time:Tuesday on Oct 26 2021 09:45:33 Source:未知 Read:

Sometimes, we can see the description from a USA/EU website which sells makeup brushes: “we are a cruelty free makeup brush company.  No animals are harmed to produce our makeup brushes. We do not purchase makeup brushes from China”.

No Chinese makeup brush manufacturer will be happy or agree with such description. They make a special mention to China, and show their superiority by stating not purchase from any Chinese makeup brush manufacturer?

It is rather ridiculous.  Makeup brush is a manual product, made in China or USA can prove nothing on brush quality. Many top brands like MAC and Estee Lauder, custom makeup brushes from Chinese makeup brush factories, and their makeup brushes make most ladies crazy. Chinese makeup brushes are good enough to meet all quality requirements. Generally speaking, at least 90% makeup brushes in the world are from Chinese makeup brush manufacturers even if they are branded various brands in other countries.

The makeup brush suppliers who refuse Chinese brushes may once purchase makeup brushes from China but with bad quality, so they get hurt and never believe in any Chinese makeup brush suppliers or manufacturers. In fact, most makeup brush manufacturers in China are good and professional. Therefore, before placing orders, it will be the best if customers can do the factory audit or visit, so that they can ensure to do business with good enough manufacturers.

No Pride or Prejudice is very essential to establish cooperation. Integration of world economy has been a general trend, Chinese factories no longer win on price but pay more attention on brand influence and fames, many Chinese makeup brush manufacturers enhance the management level and adopt standard production and QC process to control the brush quality.

Welcome to custom makeup brushes from professional Chinese makeup brush manufacturers who will offer high quality makeup brushes, professional service and affordable price to support your brand development.