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Custom makeup brushes for cosmetic containers

Published Time:Monday on Oct 25 2021 10:27:42 Source:未知 Read:

Many cosmetic manufacturers order makeup brushes for their cosmetic containers. They sometimes may want to buy existing makeup brushes due to the high cost to develop new molds. We know that custom makeup brush is much more expensive than existing brushes; while different brands may have different cosmetic container sizes or designs, so it is really difficult to have existing brushes for all cosmetic containers.

For custom makeup brushes for your cosmetic containers, please specify the following information to makeup brush manufacturers:

1. The cosmetic container’s shape, size (length, width, inner diameter etc.), with exact drawing will be great. If customers can offer physical samples of the containers, that will be the best. The makeup brush manufacturers can produce some protypes or samples to test if they fit well in the containers.

2. The exact material of makeup brush hair, ferrule and handle, because material will greatly affect the unit price. Usually, due to control cost, the mini brush material will be synthetic hair, aluminum ferrule and plastic handle. Of course, some brands may also use natural hair, but aluminum ferrule and plastic handle will be the best choice. Copper ferrule is too expensive for a mini brush; wooden handle size usually has some tolerances to design, which is not acceptable within the limited container space, but plastic handle size can be strictly controlled through the fixed mold.

3. The estimate order quantity. For mini makeup brushes for cosmetic containers, the minimum order quantity is at least 5000pcs, no makeup brush factory will accept 1000pcs order quantity for mini brushes. And the price will change base on different order quantity.

4. The required delivery time and the preferred shipping method, so that makeup brush manufacturers can arrange material order and production accordingly. If the brushes are finished too early, it will occupy the warehouse space; if too late, it will affect the customer’s launch plan.

As a professional makeup brush manufacturer, after getting container size, if we have existing makeup brushes can meet your requirements, we will firstly recommend the existing ones to save cost and time for you.

If you still prefer to custom makeup brushes to have your own style, that is definitely ok for us, we will send you detailed quotation including unit price, estimate delivery time etc.

Just call us or email us to custom makeup brushes for your cosmetic containers. We will offer high quality makeup brushes, professional service and affordable price to support your brand development.