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Post makeup brushes on B2B website

Published Time:Saturday on Jun 05 2021 13:07:35 Source:未知 Read:

Many international sales will post their products or selling leads on B2B website like Alibaba, Made-In-China etc. Although there will be few customers can be found from these B2Bs, many companies still would like to have a position on them.

Why few companies can get order through B2B? That’s because the customers send emails to all potential suppliers on the B2B; some just would like to get some market information through the communication with the suppliers or manufacturers; some aim to get the lowest price from all quotations; some try to get the best payment terms from all suppliers; some just want to better understand the price situation and then negotiate with their existing suppliers…… Therefore, the sales who have been in international market for certain times will know that it is hard to win orders from the customers from the B2Bs.

Despite of this, many Chinese makeup brush manufacturers still would like to pay a lot of money to do advertisement on the B2B; huge companies register as free members on these B2Bs to post their products. The reason is the B2B is a good kind of tool to promote or expose their companies and products without any extra charge.

Input a keyword such as “makeup brush” on Google, you will find that the 1st page is mainly occupied by these B2Bs. It is really a good advertisement and most important is free.

Take only 1 minutes every day to update your makeup brush products or selling leads on the B2Bs, sometimes, it may bring a big customer for you. It is really worthwhile. So why not try?  Do not lose any potential opportunity will help your business stronger and stronger.