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Local or Chinese makeup brush manufacturer

Published Time:Friday on Jun 04 2021 10:11:32 Source:未知 Read:

Many foreign customers prefer Chinese makeup brush manufacturers to custom makeup brushes due to good quality but low price, while sometimes they hesitate once they have available local manufacturers who can also make good quality makeup brushes just in much higher price. Customers are not sure whether local makeup brush manufacturers or Chinese manufacturers is better or more suitable for them?

 It really depends, no one can say which one is certainly better than the other. The advantage of Chinese makeup brush manufacturers is good and prompt service at low price; the disadvantage is the shipping charge and customs duties, as well as inconvenient communication, which is just the advantages of local manufacturer. If do business with local manufacturers, customers can ensure effective communication on all related issues and the shipping charge will be also less than that from Chinese makeup brush factory. But the local manufacturer’s price is much higher than Chinese manufacturers, and the lead time may be very long.

Local or Chinese makeup brush manufacturers to produce your brushes? here is some of our suggestion for customer reference:

  1. Total cost:
  •  If your order amount is small but heavy, maybe local manufacturers will be more suitable. As shipping charge and importing fee is the very important parts for international business, if your order amount is just USD1000.0, but the shipping charge and importing fees reach USD500.0 or more, your total charge may almost the same as the cost you buy from local makeup brush manufacturer;
  • If your order amount is big, maybe Chinese makeup brush manufacturer will be more suitable. As the FOB cost is almost the same, and if ship by sea, the charge is rather low, all Chinese forwarder and logistic system will support international shipment, so the total cost of the customers will be much lower than local manufacturers.
  1. Communication: 
Customers’ another concern on international business is the communication. If the sales of Chinese makeup brush factory are not so professional, it may cause a lot of problems and dispute, and once any dispute occurs, it is hard to resolve due to the long distance and time difference. To avoid this situation, customers should have initial communication with the sales at the beginning of custom makeup brushes, if you find they are not so professional or responsible during communication, it is better to stop. Anyway, this situation also happens on local manufacturers. Therefore, well known or audit makeup brush manufacturer is essential at any situation.
  1. After-sale service
Another concern is the after-sale service if any disputes or quality problem after getting the brush shipment. Local manufacturers may take prompt and effective measures at low cost, they can go to the customers site to check and confirm the problems and rework or replace the makeup brushes; while Chinese makeup brush manufacturers cannot act like this, if any quality problem occurs, they have to contact forwarders to ship the brushes back for rework or replace, which will take a lot of money and time to finish the whole process. Therefore, if the makeup brush manufacturers are not responsible enough, customers may not have any after-sale service. To avoid such issues, customers should do factory audit before ordering, and place orders to big and responsible makeup brush factory. The famous makeup brush manufacturers as Kingyin will not ruin its fames on such issue.

Before making decision, customers should firstly compare the TOTAL cost of the Chinese manufacturer and local manufacturer, and fully audit the makeup brush manufacturer and their service.