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Technology of makeup brush manufacturing

Published Time:Tuesday on Jun 01 2021 10:16:42 Source:未知 Read:

Big brands sell their makeup brushes at very high price, while makeup brushes directly ordered from makeup brush factory are much cheaper.

Here is a question: does expensive makeup brushes have advanced technology than the cheaper brushes?

Makeup brush is a kind of handmade product, no machine included, no advanced technology, workers’ skills and factory managements take great role in the makeup brush production. The “technology” of makeup brush production includes: material, craftsmanship and quality control.

Material: brush material is the first, direct and most important element that affects makeup brush price. We have introduced in detail all kinds of makeup brush material in previous articles. Please click here to see brief introduction.
Craftsmanship: The importance of craftsmanship or workers skills are next to material. Even with exactly the same material, different makeup brush factories may finally get different quality. Only experienced workers can create perfect makeup brushes. Please click here for details.
Quality Control: QC is the final and last line of makeup brush quality. QC covers the incoming material, production process and finished products. Some small workshop has no QC department, so their production cost is lower than big makeup brush manufacturers. Please click here to check QC details.

The above 3 factors are the only technology of makeup brush production. The cost difference from different factories should not be big if their factory scale is almost the same. Therefore, the price difference is too big, it is not because of “technology” but other operation cost.

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