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Outer packaging box of makeup brushes

Published Time:Monday on May 31 2021 10:19:33 Source:未知 Read:

Besides brush bags, some customers also require outer box for each brush or set to have further design and brand information.

Makeup brush handles and brush bags have limit space for logo design, also, due to material limit, the printing on makeup brushes and bags cannot have too complex design and colors. It really makes some customers feel not so good.

This can be resolved by an outer package/box. The material of the outer package is usually folding paper carton which can be printed any color or picture. The material of the outer packaging- folding carton is soft and no harm to human body.

Customers can print following information on the box:
1. Creative logo: users can easily remember the brand by this vivid design.
2. Brand introduction: More history and information on the brand;
3. Brush description: the material & function of the brush, and how to use the brush. Words or pictures are both ok.
4. Barcode
5. Manufacturing Date, Expiry Date, Batch # etc.
6. Selling Price
7. Any other information

However, before designing, customers should ask the makeup brush manufacturer about the size of the outer packaging, and then design everything including barcode according to the size. Usually, the box size is almost the same as the brush or bag size, just small space left.

The cost of packaging box depends on the exact material, size and processing. Even with the same artwork, the price for 350g carton is more expensive than 200g carton; the box with gold/silver foil stamping requires extra cost depending on foil area; therefore, while custom makeup brush packaging box, it will be the best to send us artwork including exact material and processing, or send us physical samples, so that we can quote exact price for customers’ evaluation.

If customers are interested in or require such outer packaging box, please let us know during custom makeup brushes, we will pack the brushes or sets into such packaging for customers before shipment.