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Print barcode on makeup brush package

Published Time:Saturday on May 29 2021 08:43:29 Source:未知 Read:

Some customers require outer packaging during custom makeup brushes. For customers who aim to sell their makeup brushes at supermarkets or beauty shops, they will also require barcode printed on the outer box for easy recognition on computer.

All of us are familiar with the barcode and its function since we buy goods from supermarkets. Here we would like to introduce how to have barcode on the brush package during custom makeup brushes.

If customers want to have barcode on the package, they need to include the barcode design in their packaging design artwork, so that makeup brush manufacturers can print the whole packaging including barcode at one time.

If customers have no specific designer and want the makeup brush manufacturer to help to put the barcode on packaging. Customers should ensure to express themselves clearly on the requirements in case of any misunderstanding. The information should include the whole barcode length*height size, as well as the length of the shortest bar and longest bar, the distance between each bar. After getting the barcode# and size, the designer will leave proper space for the barcode in the whole package design.

Printing the barcode on package is very easy. After getting the package design, the makeup brush manufacturer just needs to print the whole design together, no need to print the barcode separately. So, there will be also no extra charge to print the barcode on the packages.

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