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Physical samples will expedite shipment

Published Time:Monday on Jun 07 2021 09:32:19 Source:未知 Read:

Some customers have definite demand on makeup brush design and quality, they have physical samples in their hands and would like to custom makeup brushes with the same quality and design as samples. To save time, sometimes, they only take pictures to send to makeup brush manufacturers for quotation.

Due to the photo environment or equipment limit, the picture may not be able to show the actual status of the brushes, especially the quality and work craft, it may cause mistake during quotation. And after quotation, if customers would like to release orders, the makeup brush factory will have to make samples first and send to customers’ confirmation, only after getting customers’ confirmation on samples, the factory or manufacturer can order material for the mass order, which will need about 15 extra days.

If customers can send the physical samples to the makeup brush manufacturers, it will greatly helpful for accurate quotation; also, the sample confirmation before order will not so necessary. Most professional makeup brush factories can exact copy makeup brush samples. Of course, if customers do not require urgent delivery and insist on sample confirmation first, that will also be ok to send samples first.

For example, a customer would like to custom MAC equivalent brushes but only offers MAC brush # to the makeup brush manufacturer. In his opinion, MAC brushes are famous all over the world, the makeup brush factory must know the customers requirement only by the brush number. However, since MAC sells brushes world widely, the brushes sold in Europe are different from that in Asian, their quality and craft vary greatly. So, it will be the best if customers can send the MAC brushes to the makeup brush manufacturers in case of any misunderstanding on customer’s requirements.

If customers offer samples, the lead time can be shortened by 15-20 days, which is almost the same as the lead time of mass production.

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