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Adobe Illustrator during OEM makeup brushes

Published Time:Tuesday on Jan 18 2022 10:39:52 Source:未知 Read:

In international cooperation, customers and makeup brush manufacturers are from different countries with different language and culture background, sometimes they may not be able to completely understand each other and then cause bad consequence to the business.

For example, a customer wants to print his logo on makeup brush bag. He has got known the bag size from the makeup brush manufacturer and clearly knows his own requirement. So, he expresses his requirement to the makeup brush manufacturer: the logo color should be black, size is 30mm*40mm, and the logo should be in the middle of the bag…

The makeup brush manufacturer will be puzzled after getting such information: what position can be called middle? The logo should be horizontal or vertical? What is the space between characters...? After back-and-forth communication, they may still not be able to understand the exact requirement of the customer. It is really the limit of words.

The problem can be easily solved by adobe illustrator (AI). Customers can design and specify location and size on the AI, then send the files to the makeup brush factory, if the AI file is too big, customer can also transfer the file to pdf file, the makeup brush factory can use AI to open the PDF file and see all design, size and location.

Drawing is always more direct and easier to understand than words, even if you cannot read English, you will get all information from the drawing.

Therefore, during custom makeup brushes, it will be better if customers can use AI to design their makeup brushes and logo, and then directly send the files to makeup brush factory, which will ensure everything go on well.

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