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Latest situation of makeup brush industry

Published Time:Monday on Apr 26 2021 09:35:18 Source:未知 Read:

The covid-19 pandemic has last for more than one year, which has caused downturn of makeup brush market.

Such downturn can be seen from the inquiry. Before pandemic, or at the early stage of Covid-19, we received new inquiries every day from new customers all over the world to custom makeup brushes OEM or with private label, sometimes, 3-4 inquiries every day. While in 2021, we even got no new inquiry within 7 days, our makeup brush orders almost are from our regular customers who have frequent orders every month.

We are not sure about the situation of other makeup brush manufacturers, maybe some are better than us, some are even worse! The pandemic firstly did not affect so much on makeup brush industry, but now, it seems that the influence has somewhat covered more and more industry.

Now, more and more Chinese factories have to stop production as with no orders, which also causes material price increasing. At the beginning of 2021, most raw material price soars, the same situation on makeup brush material. For example, the synthetic fiber cost is doubled, the packaging material price is more than twice, especially silicon material used on mask brush, the price increase reaches 5 times! It is really another big hit to most makeup brush manufacturers, if customers do not agree with price increase, there will be little chance to get new orders.

Although our current situation is not as good as before; although the inquiries to custom makeup brushes become fewer; although makeup brush orders are not so many as before; although customers’ order quantity become less…as a professional makeup brush factory, we will hold on, keep improving our brush quality, increase our market competitiveness and wait for the success of human beings.

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