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Makeup brush bag size

Published Time:Sunday on Apr 25 2021 09:52:08 Source:未知 Read:

Customers sometimes also require makeup brush bag/roll during custom makeup brushes. While they may only need 3-4 makeup brushes for beginner, or more than 30 brushes for professional artists.

Customers may have misunderstanding that makeup brush manufacturers are not be able to offer proper brush bag for 3-4pcs brush set. In fact, it is easy for manufactures to modify the size of brush bag, roll or container according to the brushes included.

For example, if customers want a bag style which originally includes 20 brushes, but only 10 brushes included in their sets. Makeup brush manufacturers can change the bag to the required size without any extra charge. Some may wonder if the cost will change according to bag size. The answer is YES. But it depends, for example, the cost of the bag for 3 brushes and 20 brushes will certainly be different, as the material dosage varies a lot. But the cost for 18 brushes and 20 brushes will be almost the same. Customers should check and confirm with the makeup brush factory base on different situation.

To custom makeup brush bag, customers should have a clear idea on the bag style/design, and the exact brushes included, then clarify all these details to the makeup brush manufacturer. With this information, professional manufacturer will know how to revise the bag size and offer exact and proper bag for the customers.

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