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Emails in OEM makeup brushes

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Customers and suppliers always need communication to reach agreements and push the project moving forward. The following is the communication ways on different steps during custom makeup brushes.

In international business, the normal communication media is Email, Phone, WhatsApp and WeChat. Email is traditional but the most important ways, WhatsApp and WeChat becomes more and more popular, Phone is seldom used now but still take a important role in urgent communication.

For the customers who would like to custom makeup brushes with complex and special design, it is better to communicate via Email/WhatsApp/WeChat at the beginning. As it is hard to clearly express the design on the phone, also due to the language limit of both sides, it may cause misunderstanding on the phone. While by Email/WhatsApp/WeChat, both sides will have enough time to read and understand the meaning. So, at the beginning, customers and suppliers should communicate by written ways like Email/WhatsApp/WeChat.

Once both sides reach agreement on the design, the makeup brush manufacturers will need to quote according to the design; both sides need to discuss on the delivery time and payment terms etc. At this step, emails will be the best. As emails are traceable and can be a proof if any conflict arises. Anyway, if any side would like to move quicker, it is great to set up a call or send instant message via WhatsApp/WeChat to discuss details. The price, delivery time and payment terms can all be discussed on the phone/WhatsApp/WeChat to push the ball roll quirkier. But all discussion results via phone/WhatsApp/WeChat should be finalized and confirmed by both sides via email in case of any misunderstanding or conflict.

Once the production is finished, makeup brush manufacturer can send instant messages via WhatsApp/WeChat or email customers to arrange the shipment. After the shipment is sent out, it will be great if manufacturers can WhatsApp/WeChat or email customers to notify the related information or tracking number. Once customers receive the shipment, instant messages via WhatsApp/WeChat or email will be essential to notify such receiving.

If customers find any quality problem with guarantee period and need to resolve such problem quickly, call or send instant messages to manufacturers to notify such problem, and then follow with a written email.

Emails always play the most important role in international business, for anything urgent, it is ok to set up a call or send instant messages via WhatsApp/WeChat, but everything that needs confirmation or finalization should be via emails.

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