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About refund of the sample fee

Published Time:Thursday on Apr 22 2021 09:54:43 Source:未知 Read:

During custom makeup brushes, customers usually require samples first before mass order. Since they cannot promise mass orders, the makeup brush manufacturers will charge sample fees and promise that the sample fee will be refunded to customers after receiving mass orders.

However, the precondition of refund is the order quantity meets MOQ requirement. For example, the makeup brush manufacturer quotes 1000pcs each MOQ at the very beginning, customers show no objection and require samples first with for example USD100.0. While after confirming samples, they can only order 500pcs each. Normally no makeup brush manufacturer will accept so few quantities, while after long time negotiation and considering it is the first cooperation, we may finally agree with 500pcs each. But in this case, we will not refund sample fee.

Also, we may not refund the sample fee if any condition changes. For example, payment terms changes from 50% prepayment to 30% prepayment; the final unit price is lower than initial agreed price. And we only refund sample fee, if customers pay USD100 sample fee and USD40 shipping charge of samples, we will only deduct USD100 instead of USD140 from the final order amount.

If all conditions are the same as the beginning, we will certainly fulfill our promise. Sometimes, customers forget the sample fee they have paid, we always remind them to deduct the sample fee from the amount after getting mass orders. We are professional and reliable makeup brush factory, our aim is to establish long term cooperation with customers.

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