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Combined shipping of makeup brushes

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Customers may place several orders to custom makeup brushes within one month. For example, they order blush brushes and powder brushes on July 1st, and another order for eye brushes and lip brushes on July 15th; or order makeup brushes on July 10th and then brush packages on July 25th…. It is not because they like many orders but different demand in different period.

If customers are not in urgent need of makeup brushes or packages, to save shipping cost, they may require the makeup brush manufacturer to combine all shipments together. For example, they place 5 orders in July, and the lead time is 30 days, so if not urgent, they may would like the makeup brush manufacturer to ship all 5 orders by the end of August. In this case, even if some orders are finished by the end of July, the manufacturer have to hold the shipment for about one month.

For makeup brush manufacturers, combined shipping has both advantage and disadvantage. The advantage mainly is on custom declarations. For international shipments, each shipment needs a set of documents on customs declaration, 5 shipments will need 5 sets documents and 5 custom declarations. Combined shipping greatly saves time and money for makeup brush manufacturers in customs. The disadvantage is it somewhat affects the makeup brush manufacturer’s Capital flows. The payment terms is usually 50% prepay and 50% before shipment. If the shipments are held, the balance payment will also be held.

To support customers and ensure long term cooperation, most makeup brush manufacturer will agree with combined shipping. Kingyin also try our best to offer better service for customers all over the world.

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