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Importance of pictures during custom makeup brushes

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Real and good pictures are very important to both makeup brush manufacturers and customers.

For makeup brush manufacturers:

Firstly, we need to put makeup brush pictures on our website to show our ability and quality. The pictures will show customers the styles of makeup brush we can produce, so that customers can get reference information from the pictures, which will make the initial cooperation easier and quicker.

Secondly, beautiful and clear pictures will quickly attract customers, and increase the order possibilities.

Thirdly, during custom makeup brushes, we need to send samples to customers for confirmation before mass production. But to save shipping cost and time, some customers prefer confirming samples by photos, good and real pictures can show the real status of samples and make everything move forward quickly.

For customers:

Firstly, before ordering the makeup brushes, customers may need to show the makeup brush factory what kind of brushes they want. The best way is to send real samples to the makeup brush factory, but it will waste time and money, also some customers may need many makeup brushes, if they buy all these brushes to send to makeup brush manufacturers, it will need a lot of money, which is really not cost effective for customers to pay so much without finalizing anything. The alternative cost-effective way is to take photos of all brushes they need, specify their detailed requirements, and require the makeup brush manufacturers to roughly quote according to the photos. If the price and all other condition are ok for both, they can consider the next step such as sending real samples to the brush factory.

Secondly, after getting the makeup brushes, if anything unsatisfied, customers can take photos of the brushes to show the makeup manufacturers how these brushes are unsatisfied or unqualified. Such photos should clearly show the details of the makeup brushes, otherwise, the brush factory may not accept one-sided statements of customers.

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