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Why clients cancel makeup brush order

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Not all business will have a happy ending. As a professional makeup brush factory, since we have reached agreements with customers, we will certainly fulfill the contract even if the order makes a loss to us. But sometimes customers may cancel orders due to following reasons:

1)   Our payment terms is 50% prepayment and 50% before shipment, we usually firstly produce samples for customers’ confirmation before mass production, sometimes customers have confirmed samples and paid prepayment, however, after a certain period, they believe that the makeup brushes are not what they really want, so they want to cancel the order.
2) Some customers do not do enough research on their local market before custom makeup brushes, and finally find that the makeup brushes cannot sell well at their location, so they want to cancel the order;
3) Some customers really want the makeup brushes they have ordered, and the brushes are also popular in their location, it is totally no problem to sell them at local market. However, to play tricks and reduce the cost, they require to cancel the order after brushes have been finished by the makeup brush manufacturer. Then, the customer will ask somebody in china to source same brushes in China with very low price. To clear such useless brushes, some makeup brush manufacturers has to sell the brushes with extremely low price. Therefore, the customer can get brushes with much lower cost than before.

While requiring cancelling orders, some customers require full refund of the deposit, which will not be accepted by any of makeup brush factory. According to international legal, deposit is not refundable. After getting deposit, manufacturers order material and prepare production, if customers cancel the order nearly before shipment, it will be a great loss to manufacturers, as we cannot sell those brushes to others since they have been printed logo.

Anyway, order cancel is rare case. Both customers and vendors aim to happy ending and win-win cooperation.

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