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Selection of Makeup Brushes

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When applying makeup, it is important to choose the right Makeup brush for the type of makeup that you are applying. Using the wrong Makeup brushes can result in smudges and clumps of makeup that cause you to look run down or cheap. When applied correctly and with the right brush blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, powder and bronzer can leave you with a beautiful natural glow that will turn heads and break hearts.

When applying powder, you will want to use a really big fluffy brush that can hold a lot of product without causing clumps. If you get a Makeup Brush that is too small it will take you much longer to cover your face with powder and will leave a streaky or clumpy look on your skin. The bigger the brush the most disperse the powder will be leaving a flawless finish. You need to get an angled contour brush for the hollows of your cheeks, without the angled brush you can miss these hard-to-reach spaces and that can result in your face looking round or fat. The angled brush should be smaller than your blush brush which is also smaller than your powder brush.

The blush brush should be medium sized and soft so that you do not apply too heavy blush which will make you look like a clown. With your soft blush brush use circular upward motions to get a sexy rosy glow that looks natural and enticing. If you choose to use bronzer, this brush should be the biggest of all and also soft with many bristles so that your bronzer does not clump up.

There are many different styles of brushes and sizes as well, knowing what type of makeup you are applying is important because you need different Makeup Brushes for different types of looks and styles.

Bronzer brush is one of the most important next to the blush brush because it has such a dramatic on your face and if applied in correctly will look streaky or dirty. For your eyeliner you will want a tiny stiff brush so that you can apply your liner quickly and efficiently. A soft eyeliner brush will cause you to make your line to wide and will take forever to get the color applied. When you are buying Makeup brushes you really get what you pay for so don’t be cheap when it comes to your face.