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If delay on makeup brush shipment

Published Time:Wednesday on Apr 28 2021 09:24:04 Source:未知 Read:

Due to natural or manmade reasons, sometimes the makeup brush shipment may have to be delayed. For example, rainy season will obstruct the painting and glue drying; mismanagement of the makeup brush manufacturer will cause quality problem etc. Although natural delay is inevitable, manmade reason is avoidable. Once if the delay happens, makeup brush manufacturer should find out the root causes, but more important and priority thing is trying best to correct/expedite the production and explain to customers immediately.

During our communication with customers on the delay, we should firstly tell customers the reason of the delay, the update shipping date and corrective actions. If the delay causes partial shipment, for example, the order quantity is 2 million and the delivery time should be May 1st. While on May 1st, only 1 million makeup brushes can be available for shipment, and the 1 million will be finished after one week. Then the makeup brush manufacturer should communicate with customer to check if they can wait till whole orders are finished or firstly send the finished makeup brushes and then the rest later. Usually, the customer will agree as long as it will not affect their selling. But since it is the fault of the makeup brush factory instead of customer, and the shipping charge for two shipments must be higher than one shipment, the makeup brush factory should initiatively promise to afford the shipping charge difference.

In fact, at the initial communication before orders, makeup brush manufacturers should leave some days on lead time in case of any uncertainty or emergency. For example, the material incoming delay due to market change; occasional factory audit from other customers, or government regulations change etc. Any of them will affect the makeup brush production and shipment.

No matter what is the situation, since the delay happens, the makeup brush manufacturers should firstly realize that it is their own responsibility, sincerely communicate with customers and initiatively take related responsibilities.