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Chinese Industry Standard of Makeup Brushes

Published Time:Wednesday on Apr 14 2021 08:45:24 Source:未知 Read:

The Flavor Fragrance Cosmetics TCS of China National Light Industry for has released the Industry Standard of makeup brushes, as the production guidance of Chinese makeup brush factories.

This standard is applicable for all kinds of makeup brushes, cosmetic brushes and sponge applicators made of natural hairs or synthetic fiber, includes blush brushes, powder brushes, Kabuki Brushes, eyeshadow brushes, eyeshadow applicators, lip brushes, eye brushes etc.

The standard stipulates the classification, requirements, testing, inspection, marking, packing, shipping and storage of makeup brushes.

According to the standard, makeup brush hairs should be even in color, be straight, with good elasticity, no instinct furcated hairs, and the buckle hairs should be no more than 5; the brushes handle should be smooth, no sharp edge, no burr. The standard also has specific requirements on the microbial indicator of bristles.

For the package of makeup brushes, according to the standard, it should have product name, manufacturer name, factory address, package size, quality standard, and instruction etc.

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