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Handle material of makeup brushes

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There are the following handle materials for makeup brushes:

Wooden handle:
Usually used on medium or high-grade makeup brushes (medium cost)
1.      Shape: Taper handle, parallel handle or some irregularly shape like hexangular handle
2.      Material: ordinary Schima superba (allow stains which can be covered by painting etc); Log (generally painted with transparent paints, can see wood grain); Birch (the most common wooden material for high-grade makeup brushes, many famous brands like BOBI BROWN use such handle); ebony/sandalwood/red wood (very expensive and be used on top grade makeup brushes)
3.      Painting: cloudy surface, light surface and transparent etc.
4.      Color: Can use painting and spraying methods

Plastic Handle:
Plastic handles are usually used on makeup brushes with creative handle design
1.      Shape: Any shape (as plastic handles are injected, the shape can be controlled through molds, so can have any shape), plastic handle are usually with steps
2.      Material: AS, PS, ABS (good elasticity), Acrylic (also called synthetic glass, with good transparency and texture)
3.      Color: plastic handle can directly inject color; also, can use painting or plating to required colors.

The makeup brushes can also use resin handles and aluminum/copper handles, but the cost will be rather high.

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