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The importance of blush brushes

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The blush brush is more important than you may realize when it comes to the look of your makeup.  The wrong blush brush can apply too much blush, apply it in streaks or clumps, or apply too little powder to your cheeks.  Since blush covers such a large portion of your face in contrast with mascara or eyeliner, blush mistakes are the second most unforgiving makeup mistakes you can make.  So put a little effort into selecting the perfect blush brush for you.

You can buy a wide variety of blush brushes made from different materials.  Some blush brushes are made of sponge, some of natural hairs, and some of synthetic fibers.  You can also buy retractable brushes for easy transportation in your purse or makeup bag.  When buy makeup brushes, you’ll need to know what materials you may have. or you may get cheeks red with rash instead of your favorite rouge.

You need to replace your blush brush regularly, but especially after an outbreak of acne, cold sores, or boils.  Your blush brush can contain bacteria and viruses after an outbreak, so you need to get rid of them so you don’t re-infect yourself.  Blush brushes also wear out, and even your favorite brush can start to clump and streak on you.

A quality blush brush doesn’t have to be expensive.  They can be quite affordable.  It will take some experimentation to figure out exactly which blush brush will give you the look you want to achieve, but trying new things is part of the fun of getting to wear makeup.  It’s like getting to play dress up, and experimenting with color, applicators, and products is just part of the fun!

You will be amazed at the choices of blush brush you have available to you.  You can get brushes that are made by hand in other countries and makeup brushes made of exotic materials.  You can get brushes that are mass produced in factories, and you can get packs of brushes in most dollar stores.  It is super simple to get a few of these blush brushes and start playing around with them.  You won’t regret taking the time to experiment with different looks.  You must know at least one person who doesn’t get her makeup right, and she either looks like a clown, or a streetwalker, or something even sillier.

You don’t want to be known for your makeup blunders; you want to be known for your good looks.  So, take some time and make a good blush brush your priority today.

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