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Cleaning different makeup brushes

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1.       Lip brushes
The lip gloss is sticky, so every time we should move the extra lip gloss with cosmetic tissue. If use different color lip gloss, we should clean the lip brushes with lip cleansing cream, then wipe the brush again with watered tissue.
Please note that pony/sable hair lip brushes are easy to lose hair, so should be gentle while cleaning.

2.       Powder brushes, blush brushes and eyeshadow brushes
If the brushes are made by natural hair, wipe the brushes with cosmetic tissue at once after using. If want to change color, dip the brushes with enough translucent power, then shake off the powder, repeat the above steps several times, then wipe with tissue. Generally, the brushes should be deeply cleaned every 3-6 months.

3.       Eye brushes and lash brushes
After using, clean the lash brushes by removing the mascara with tissue, no need further cleaning. The eye brush hair is rather stiff, so it is easy to clean. If you feel the eye brushes are too dirty, then clean with soap. 

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