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Makeup tools-Eyeshadow brush

Published Time:Monday on Apr 12 2021 10:05:25 Source:未知 Read:

For makeup artists, eyeshadow brush is the most important makeup tool, because the eyeshadow makeup will directly affect the whole makeup. Some may think it is enough to have two eyeshadow brushes, eyeshadow brush for light makeup and sponge applicator for heavy makeup. In fact, to have perfect eye makeup, one should have several eyeshadow brushes. In daily makeup, one should at least have 3 eyeshadow brushes, one large size for Smudge, one middle size and one mini size.

For eyeshadow brushes, it is best to have animal hair, generally pony hair, goat hair and sable/weasel hair, among these, pony hair and goat hair is most common, sable/weasel hair is the best; it is soft and durable, but also most expensive.

Eyeshadow brush should be very soft, bouncy, smooth and elaborate, which is suitable for eyeshadow makeup.

While buy eyeshadow brush, it is better to choose soft and bulky bristles, the brush head should cover 1/4 eyelid, and the handle length should be suitable for applying eyeshadow.

Generally, there have been an eyeshadow brush and a sponge applicator within the eyeshadow box, these brush head is rather small, which can apply some corner position like eye corner, eye skin etc, also it is very convenient for touch up outside. So even if you have had professional eyeshadow brushes, it is better to keep the provided ones.

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