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Q&A for New Makeup Learner

Published Time:Monday on Apr 12 2021 09:55:51 Source:未知 Read:

Q: Use fingers or makeup brushes?
A: Makeup Artists think finger is the best makeup tool due to the good touch feeling, however sometimes fingers cannot do everything. Also, makeup brush is cleaner than finger tips, which can reduce the spread of bacteria. It is known that bacteria are the main cause of skin disease. Makeup brushes are specially designed, each brush hair and fiber have its own function, for example mixing colors or highlight edges. Makeup brushes are better than fingers during makeup.

Q:I never use makeup brushes, which ones should I choose?
A:  You can choose some basic makeup brushes, for example some good quality blush brushes, it can be also used as power brushes,also a multi-function foundation brush, it is easy to use, can learn quickly.

Q:Should I buy all kinds of makeup brushes?
A:Of course not, for new learner, it will be enough to have a powder/blush brush, a foundation brush, 2-3 eyeshadow brushes. These brushes will be enough for most occasions.

Q:How should I clean the makeup brushes?
A:Generally, if you use makeup brushes every day, you should clean the blush brushes and eyeshadow brushes once one or two weeks, and clean the foundation brushes every two or three days, and the lip brushes should be cleaned every day. It is best to use special solution to clean the makeup brushes, if unavailable, can also use shampoo instead. While cleaning the hairs, be careful not to dip the whole brushes into water, or the inside glue may lose and the hair may separate from the handles.

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